This Thursday, at a meeting chaired by Mr. Vladimir Uiba, Director of the Russian Federal Biomedical Agency, experts discussed the progress of the joint Russian-Nicaraguan project of setting up in Managua, Nicaragua, a production facility for vaccines and other immunobiological preparations. The project is implemented pursuant to instructions issued by the President of the
In connection with the confusion in the media concerning the various methods of diagnosing tuberculosis, namely the Mantoux and Pirquet tests, as well as Diaskintest, we have prepared this clarification for the media. Mantoux test, also known as intradermal tuberculin test. Requires an intradermal injection of tuberculin using a specially designed tuberculin syringe. As a
  On December 10, at a meeting of the Working Group for the Priority Social and Economic Development Territory in ZATO Seversk, Tomsk Region, hosted by the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, the Director of SPbSRIVS Mr. Victor Trukhin presented the project of a new pharmaceutical plant in Tomsk Region. The meeting was attended by