26 April 2016 the first batch of Russian vaccine for prevention of influenza was brought to Cuba and Nicaragua. All St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums FMBA Russia will supply to Latin America about one million doses of inactivated split vaccine for the prevention of influenza. “This event cannot be overstated. The beginning of
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The new Hib vaccine has been developed from scratch by SPbSRIVS of the Russian Federal Biomedical Agency. Its development, which started less than a year ago, made use of the latest global process aspects of synthesizing similar preparations, among them the processes of cultivation, culture inactivation, purification, and modern methods of control. “Over a short
At the information session for suppliers of vaccines and other medications to Latin America through special-purpose PAHO funds, representatives of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies discussed the results of their activities over the past years and outlined plans for the future. For the first time, a representative of the Russian vaccine supplier, SPbSRIVS of the
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