Key events

Increased production of vaccines for the prevention of influenza, the first supply of vaccines abroad,
the completion of the construction of the MECHNIKOV manufacture in Nicaragua.


20 million doses

SPbSRIVS expanded its production of the antigen for influenza vaccines by 12 million doses year-on-year, and the combined increase in production over the past three years was more than threefold (read more...)


Construction at MECHNIKOV has officially complete

In Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, hosted an official event celebrating the construction completion of Latin America's first immunobiological vaccine factory - MECHNIKOV (read more...)


Every second flu vaccine is produced in Saint-Petersburg

In 2016, SPbSRIVS produced almost half of the total number of influenza vaccines required for the NIC. This makes manufacture a leading supplier of influenza vaccines in Russia.  (read more...)


SPbSRIVS hosts SPCPA Immunobiotech Department

Cooperation between the two institutions began with the development of GMP courses and a course of lectures for SPbSRIVS staff. That project demonstrated how relevant is further cooperation (read more...)


Russia started delivering vaccines to Latin America

The start of deliveries of our vaccines to Latin America is the result of the tremendous effort undertaken as part of the joint Russian-Nicaraguan immunobiological project in Managua (read more...)


President of Nicaragua D. Ortega supported the project of SPbNIIVS

The meeting of Nicaragua President D. Ortega and the Director of SPbSRIVS V. Trukhin took place. They discussed the MECHNIKOV project (read more...)