During the visit of Minister of Health of Cuba was acquainted.with the potential of the institute for the transfer of technology.and visited the production site of influenza vaccine. Dr. Roberto Morales Ojeda Minister of Health of Cuba, Dra. Mayda Mauri Perez vice-president of BioCubaFarma, Dra. Idania Caballero representative of BioCubaFarma in Russia and Emilio Lozada
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Our team at the WorldSkills (Business today)

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SPbSRIVS team at the championship WorldSkills

Participants of the competition are laboratory assistants of SPbSRIVS. Within three competitive days, they need to complete several tasks. Among them, calibration of dishes, standardization of solutions, determination of the total hardness, as well as determination of vanadium concentration in water. As experts say – this is a very important stage. Vanadium is a heavy
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20 million doses

SPbSRIVS has completed delivery of preventive flu vaccines under a government contract as part of the National Immunization Calendar, reported Mr. Stanislav Petrovsky, First Deputy Director at SPbSRIVS: “This year, SPbSRIVS was the the first one to timely complete delivery of more than 9 million doses of the influenza vaccine under a government contract and
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In 2016, SPbSRIVS produced 20 million doses of influenza vaccine, which is 12 million doses more than last year. Over the past three years, the combined output growth has been more than threefold. “In 2016, SPbSRIVS produced almost half of the total number of influenza vaccines required for the National Immunization Calendar. This makes us

SPbSRIVS supports applied research

The project “Development of an encapsulation and immobilization technology for multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells and of an inhalation targeted delivery method in the treatment for severe upper respiratory burns” by the Mendeleyev Russian Chemistry and Technology University will be given support by SPbSRIVS. The project has been submitted to the grant contest held as part

“Best in the profession”

When determining the winners of the jury, the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the contestants were evaluated. Significant attention was paid to the knowledge of applicants for industrial safety, labor protection and other aspects of production activities. Practical skills the finalists of the competition demonstrated in the form of video presentations. In total, 9
It was decided to establish a specialized department of immunobiotechnology directly at the SPbSRIVS production facility. At the meeting of the Academic Council of the St. Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy (SPCPA), the establishment of the new specialized Department of Immunobiotechnology was unanimously supported by its researchers, and the agreement between the two institutions